Monday, December 7, 2009

dancing deer baking co peanut butter " oregano" brownies


are you even allowed to have peanut butter and brownie together in the same sentence, let alone as ingredients to a piece of bakery food? i almost died [like died] seeing this picture. i mean semi-lethal, cause of all the built up anxiety i am feeling at the current moment just dreaming of one of these bricks of delicious-ness heaven.

only thing that may tip this (and me) over the edge wouldve been a sprinkle of some green stuff into the batter pre-baking...

for those who are thinking..."what, oregano?" please unsubscribe to this blog. like now.


  1. well, how were they? :)

    -Scott @DancingDeer


    i actually picked this up at a store 'round the corner from work last week. literally drank about a gallon of skim milk just washing these bricks of goodness down. and yes, i ate ALL four in one work shift (no joke). and even more yes, i dipped a few in some "low fat" vanilla fro-yo. as you can see, i was pretty much "in it to win it" that day with my food eating.

    thank you dancing deer! funny just got your catalog the other day...

    ps: im ridiculously addicted to those frosted chocolate x-mas trees. like almost an unhealthy addiction, worthy of rehab...

  3. Let me know if I can send you a case! Ha! Always glad to help a Sista out.

  4. haha. thanks kenny hom! that might not be a good idea. cause i may come back to spring softball weighing about about 100lbs heavier.