Monday, December 7, 2009

crate & barrel pickle "back" ornament


no im not preggo.

however i am craving one of those picklebacks from the whiskey tavern right now (shot of jameson, chased w/shot of pickle juice). yumm. for those of you who just went "eww" or just made a weird squirmy jacked up face, dont judge. its ridiculous delicious. you dont judge someone[thing] unless you get to know them. including pickleback. he has feelings too.

so youre wondering why the f*ck would i hang pickles from my tree? well, before i f*ck up in trying to explain this age old german tradition (which im sure i'll squeeze in a profanity or two), here's the link explaining: german christmas pickle

gotta love those salty green lil gherkins. so cute.

click for more info: crate & barrel pickle ornament

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