Wednesday, December 23, 2009

cary koegle the left-hander's "freedom!" 2010 calendar


there is alot and all sorts of discrimination in this country going on today. i think the left-handers are one of the most neglected populations in this gosh forsaken country. as someone who tries to practice left-hand-ism at times (yes, i get bored easily doing things righty) ive discovered the hardships these people go through on a daily basis living in a world built for righties.

so sad.

i mean youre forced to use the weaker side for daily (and very important) daily tasks. ie: opening cans, cutting paper w/"righty" scissors, writing on notebooks and leaving a trail of smudge...ok i'll stop there. i dont want lefties to re-live these  injustices they go through daily.

sooo, eureka. i discover this website that makes things for lefties. freedom! (sorry, i couldnt think of any other "revolutionary" chant.)

so this lefty planner for 2010 takes care of the smudge factor when entering appointments, your menstrual cycle, dates you boned people, etc...

unless you dont remember the dude/dudette you boned the previous night due to some sorta substance/alcohol abuse, then it maybe better for that person's name to be convieniently "smudged"....

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