Tuesday, December 22, 2009

canon powershot 12.1mp "mini" digital camera


picture and imagine the size of a standard post it.

are you picturing it...?

small huh?

well this camera is smaller. its 2.1" x 3.4" and it weighs 4.1 oz. mini! thats insane.

so this being that mini and insanely cool, that only means one thing. i want it. yes. i want. just bought myself a big momma digital slr (nikon d300. yea. thats right. im waaay cool.) but thats just not good enough. i need my camera "on the go."

enter lil canon (pictured above).

i betcha i can fit this baby in my wallet cause its sooo friggin tiny. its like the thumbelina of digital cameras.

ps: i think that you see on the screen is the actuall size. woooow-zah!

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