Tuesday, December 15, 2009

almost naked animals yeti "mashed" infant creeper


youve seen those photo booths in the mall where you take a pic of yourself and your stoopid boyfriend and they mash it up and spit out a pic of what your oogly baby will look like? right. i said oogly and baby in the same sentence. going to hell. i know that already. thats not breaking news for goodness sake. duh.

but for serious. those mashed [potato] pics always produce oogly looking babies. oogly, just like the almost naked animal yeti character pictured above, or if possible even ooglier depending on how shideous your significant other is (or you are)...

so when you and your stoopid boyfriend stoopidly decide to get married, consummate the marriage [sex] and have kids (not necessarily in that order), this romper could be a reminder of that lovely day in the mall where you two "gorgeous" people decided to take that mashed up "how will our baby look?" pic.

i wouldve hope you had pre-marital sex (that produced your little bundle of yeti) before this "photo session" cause if you decided to have offspring after seeing the mashed up pic, i swear you should be castrated. unless you wanted yo baby to look like a yeti, then go knock your self (and boots) off...

ps: you have to check out this site. im crying dying laughing at the cast of almost naked animals. i love crazy weirdo sh!t like this. i mean c'mon, it explains a lot (about me).

almost naked animals

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