Wednesday, December 16, 2009

alice & olivia sequin strapless dress


dude. i got the new miley cyrus song in my head "party in the u.s.a." for the past 3 weeks. guess partially my fault for putting it in the shuffle of my gym music. cant blame me, the dang jingle is so dang catchy. barf...

anywho, speakin of partying, what are people's new years plans? thats seriously a question i get asked every single day ever since turkey durkey day. i'll prob get asked that question even after new years, just because, because...

anywho, anywho. as usual, peeps have absolutely no clue what the f*ck theyre doing (including me). however i feel like this year, its even worse. like really no one, no one has a f*cking clue. story of my life...

anywho, anywho, anywho. ive pre-selected this dress as my outfit of desire for new years eve 2010. of course this desire happens to cost $594. which in my sick twisted mind, is still less than my monthly rent. so that makes it ok to purchase. heehee.

so if i end up not doin anything for nye (which is a pretty high probability), i'll be sitin pretty on my couch with this dress on taking swigs of an extra large champagne bottle all by myself...[queue: celine dion song, "all by myself" coupled with celine's signature fist to chest pump]

or if i end up bankrupt and homeless, i can use the dress as a tent and set up house underneath that.

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