Wednesday, December 16, 2009

adina reyter for love "my charge card" earth butterfly ring


i love when "higher end" designers decide to release more affordable lines via walmart or my all time favorite target. ever pleasantly surprised, my gurl adina reyter's new line "love, earth" is now appearing at a walmart near you. ironically, rocking a ring and necklace from her "higher" end today, which i love, loove, loooove.

"love, earth" is not only economical, but made from sources committed to protecting the environment (i plagarized that line from

since i myself am trying to be more economical these days, ive stopped my $500 shopping binges at places like bloomingdales [love you] and am trying my darnest not to live like im some hollywood celebutante and blow $ that i think i have, but i do not have. thank you credit...

however, as a consequence of my attempt to budget, which has led to my "curba-ture" of spending at bloomingdales (aka, the happiest place on earth), i have been given an ultimatium. in order for me to hold on [for dear life] my black bloomies charge card (the ones they issue to big spending ballerz like me), i need to spend $898.10 by mid january.

dude. thats like threatening me with my life. not cool. i must oblige.

lets so shopping. weee!

click for more info: adina reyter for love earth butterfly ring

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