Wednesday, November 4, 2009

wesc bloody beetroots "abhorrent" headphones

these would come in handy today. i walked into work on fire. like en fuego [yea. take that billingual-ness anger!!!].


so apparently if you walk into work muttering the words "i hate everyone" and have a permanent scowl on your face from 8:00am - 5:30pm, i would ass-u-me you:

(a) hate your job
(b) hate your co-workers
(c) hate life. like f*ck my life (f.m.l.) hate
(d) hate to just hate
(e) hate haters
(f) hate

also aside the fact i actually created [this] blog just help pass the time and ease the torture of the place just shows the severity of my disgruntle-ment. like harrr-umph!

ok. i dont hate every[one]thing. i love my boss. which i guess is kinda important (especially come bonus time). i mostly hate some of the stoopids i work with. hence these ear muffs coming in handy when these stoopids pass by, i have a good excuse to ignore them b!tches. cuz i cant hear your yip yappin' @ss mofo.

...and i boy will i look stylish too avoiding your abhorrent @ss.

now i'll just have to use abhorrent 4 more times, and it'll be my word forever and ever and ever. that should not be a problemo. especially today. i have a few choice people i can call abhorrent [to their face].

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