Tuesday, November 24, 2009

timbuk2 "take" pride messenger


my 1st poli-tickal tag. obviously not a poli-tickal person. since (a) i refuse to spell it correctly (b) im not registered to vote

however those jury duty bastards somehow got to me. dunno how. but ive been summoned to appear for duty december 9th. like w.t.f.? f.m.l...

i can barely make a decision every morning on what im going to wear or what kinda bagel i want or what kinda cream cheese i want, let alone deciding someone's fate in a trial. the poor guy who ends up having [ret@rd] me on their jury.

well apparently in the u.s. of a, there are a buncha ret@rd voters. prop h8te was passed in california and most recently in maine outlawing same sex marriage. friggin ignorant bastards. turn on a tv or read perez hilton.com and get your ignant head outta your @ss and recognize.

ok. thats as poli-tickal as i get. aside from the fact that i think taxes should be lowered, the drinking age should be 18,

listen. i try not to be controversial. i hence the constant potty-mouth non-sensical not-making-sense jibber jabber dribble i blog.

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