Wednesday, November 18, 2009

sally hansen insta-dri "hurry up" fast dry nail polish


excuse the over a week absence from blogging. i actually was avoiding posting anything. i was feeling pretty vacant in the head. like they say, if you have nothing nice (or witty) to say, dont say it at all.

a motto which i probably should follow everyday, as 99.9% of things that come out of my mouth are not nice. just ask my neighbors at work, or better yet my sister.

anywho. in happier [times] news: yay! nail polish for people lacking any sorta patience [me]. waiting for nail polish to dry is literally like watching paint dry or a waiting for a snail to complete a 100 yard dash. f*cking brutal.

even better, the brush inside is not flat, its actually shaped in a "u" shape which ironically (im sure the brains of sally hansen did this on purpose) is in the same shape as people's nail beds. brilliant!

this makes it easier for the nail polish applying challenged (i was gonna use "retards" but as a pre-new years resolution to be kind [and rewind], i refrained) to "color" inside the lines and make pretty manicure.

well sh!t with this schlumping sh!t tit economy, who has the extra dough to get pampered with these "extra" beauty services like manicures? obviously not me, since i havent gotten a hair cut in over 6 months. ya. i know. eww. gross...

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