Tuesday, November 24, 2009

forever 21 love & "oogly" beauty makeup line


they say beauty is pain. beauty also usually costs money. well i guess the ooglier someone is the more expensive beauty will be.

or if you think you're really oogly, then that just gets dang expensive. you figure the sheer amount of makeup needed and not to mention throwing in the cost of a shrink to therapy-ize your f*cked up sense of self image. ex-pen-sive.

however the wizards that be at the forever 21 empire who have made a sh!t ton of dough selling cheap trendy clothing to the public have now introduced a cheap trendy makeup line. watch out sephora.

from eyeliner and lip gloss costing $1.80 to eyeshadow for $2.80, cant beat that.

now if only forever 21 found a way to sell plastic surgery at such a discounted price, the world would be a more beautiful-er and fuller place.

bo-go booby implants. now that'll be the day...

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