Tuesday, November 24, 2009

belly art beautiful "gut" bellies


if you wanna permanently capture the essence of your hot and zexy pregnancy bod while you're w/child (bloated, fat and waddling), well youre in luck. they sell these kits to encapture this glorious moment for you to cherish for years and years. so when your kid turns 16 and turns into this massive back talking pain in the whoo-haa, you can bust this work of art and crack em over the head with it everytime theyve done something naughty.

or if you're just fat from drinking massive quantities of beer for years and years, you can encapture the beauty of your beer gut belly with this kit as well. so for generations and generations, you can show off and pass down this work of art as it displays all the hardwork and dedication you went through to accomplish such a plump and beautifully rounded beer gut.

if you choose option #2, i suggest you buy 2 (or 5) kits. dont think 1 comes with enough plaster to "capture" all of your beer gut glory...

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