Monday, November 2, 2009

anthropologie jeweled "re-run" giraffe necklace


i never get sick of watching sex and the city re-runs like everyday (thrice a day). ive watched every episode like 900 times and i'll keep watching it as long as tbs and the cw keep re-running the show.

so un-surprisingly, ive watched the sex and the city movie for like the 550th time this weekend. this necklace totally reminds me of the part when [desperate] carrie is looking for a new assistant and she interviews the asian dude in the suit. when asked why this job? camera pans down [you like my film lingo, eh?] and he's rocking some hot pink [cadillac] pumps such as these on gerry the giraffe.

why they pick a giraffe is beyond me. its like why they pick a professionally dressed asian dude to wear bright @ss pink pumps in the movie? who f*cking knows. maybe it was the most unexpected juxtaposition they could think of, which immediately is supposed to make it funny. guess thats something you learn in "funny film script writing 101". which apparently i took in college, but never showed up for. [shocker.] however pulled [out of my @ss] a passing grade. genious.

its like 20 years ago, when tv and movies 1st had white people act "black", that was funny. now its just friggin plaaayed the f*ck out. like white grandma sayin yo yo yo homie (with a backwards hat on) = not hysterical. like think of new material, por favor. or take that "funny film script writing 101" class i "learned" soo much from.

i dunno went off on a tangent. its monday, ive been sober for 48 hours and its the day after daylight savings time. im way outta my equilibrium.

ps: a great example on how im all outs of sorts. i keep spelling giraffe, giraffee. maybe its cause of my coffee sobriety kick. its been over a month since ive been coffee free. maybe in my mind im subconsciously craving it. or maybe again, im just f*cking looney [tunes] today.

ok i'll shut up. looney [bin] signing off...

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