Monday, October 19, 2009

powermat wireless "sh!t cool" charger mat


ok. apparently this just was released. ive never heard or used it before. but sh!t its f*cking cool and sh!t.

the concept of charging yo sh!t with no trippy dippy wires to worry about is the sh!t. you just slap on a "receiver" to the back of your iphone, crackberry or that portable playstation game thingie (kinda like sony's gameboy. im not tech savy with video games as you can see), and lay your sh!t on top of this mat and voila! its charging. cool eh?

actually think you can also hook up other stuff to this thing, but i got all a.d.d. and stopped reading the specs on this thang halfway through. im also poor as sh!t so wont be able to be the guinea pig [oink] and test this biotch out. so if anyone is loaded enough to buy this for sh!ts and giggles and tell me how it is, please leave me a comment below. much appreciated.

ps: one good thing came outta waiting on line for security at la guardia "sh!ithole" airport. i noticed the ad for this after standing in front of it for 20 minutes. well actually it took me another 15 minutes to process what the f*ck this thing was.

click for more info: powermat wireless charger

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