Wednesday, October 28, 2009

nissan 2009 "mushmallow" cube


this car has made it into this blog, purely for its design asthetics. kinda reminds me of a marshmallow.

f*ck just got a craving for smores. think for lunch im gonna set a bonfire in one of these conference rooms roast a couple smores myself. got some wood #2 pencils to use as smores stix that'll do the trick. a lil injestion of burning lead wont hurt?...

see, thats what you call quick thinking under "fire". someone needs to get me a raise.

queue entrance: stay puft marshmallow man.

what? you think my lazy @ss is trooping down to the supermarket to get marshamallows? figure i'd imagine real hard the puffy [obese] white guy and he'd appear magically outside my office window. then, i'd dangle out of my window and hack of a piece of him [with my mail opener] while on his way to destroying anything in sight down broadway.

sorry i just sniffed a sh!t ton of rubbing alcohol while de-bacteria-ing my petri-dish of a desk. im a bit more loonier than usual...

click for more info: nissan 2009 cube

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