Thursday, October 1, 2009

nintendo mario "pluck u" kart gs


dude. anybody who attempts to challenge me in this game will get the yoshi asam chop and their @sses handed to them. i f*cking rule at this game especially when i play as yoshi.

footnote: im a dinosaur (no pun intended yoshi) when it comes to video games. the last video game console i owned was a super [duper] nintendo back in 1992 (or something life that. definitely at the time when puberty just hit...)

 but who cares. im dang awesome at this game. especially at the ghost valley and rainbow road tracks. i'll almost say im better at this than beer pong [*gasp*]

yes i said it. the challenge forum is open. care to enter it?
chicken sh!t...

bok! bok! bok!

pluck you...

click for more info: nintendo mario kart gs


  1. yo dude i challenge you just like old times i will kick your ass muhahaha

  2. i have this game- i'm addicted! glad to see you are keeping up with your blog ang! :)

  3. thanks tash! one of my fav games of all time!