Tuesday, October 6, 2009

mitchell & ness giants "hit me" sideline track jacket


are you ready for some gosh dang football??

dude i certainly am. my los gigantes (giants for you non-bilingual folk) are 4-0 and in 1st place in the nfc east. wahooo! go big bluuuuuuuue!

so i find this old skool track jacket and its reminiscent of those old letterman football jackets in high school. well, this one (me) never had the opportunity to own one since i apparently am missing some body parts that qualify me to be labeled a male and to play footbal. ie: body parts that resemble pinocchio's nose (when he's been fibbing)....

i guess i couldve tried to walk onto the team as a kicker, since that seems to be the only position girls seem to be able [let] to play. ok, no offense to the chicks in the past who've managed to do this, but for serious? if ima gonna play football, im gonna be the f*cking quarterback. for real son. im open to getting mauled by 300lbs linebackers (especially if theyre hot).

honestly though, not a bad way to meet men. i mean the ratio of clams [females] to sausages [self explanatory] is pretty much favors the clammies. it'd be a match in football heaven.

touch. down.

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