Thursday, October 22, 2009

flavia home "the john" fusion


we got one of these b!tches in our lil pantry at work. its got more buttons and whistles than this guy above but it still acheives one goal, its queefs me out my daily caffeine crave. or more that that putt putt putt pow sound it makes as it churns out my beverage.

however in recent developments: ive quit coffee.

dont ask who, what, when, where or why. i just did for some unexplainable reason. well maybe cause when i looked in the mirrior my pores where just screaming for some moisture, since my daily alcoholic drinking binges sap the living water and life outta my bod. so on top of that, coffee doesnt help. and on top of that the only h2o i drink besides my own spit is at the water cooler in the gym. talk about dehydration. oh and i forgot to mention my 6 pack of diet coke habit a day.

so today im a reformed person. ive cut the java, cut the soda (well only drink it in my jack & diet. theres no avoiding that) and starting chugging water like a dang camel daily.

the only downside to my new "health" kick is me pee-ing every 10 minutes. ive literally worn a path from my desk to the ladies john at my office. like i just did now for the 50th time. might as well set up my desk in the handicap bathroom since i do more business in there than at my desk.

ahh the sweet sounds of flush-ing.

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