Monday, October 19, 2009

ellsworth wisconsin "squeaky" cheese curds


ive just came back from wisconsin, aka cheese country. and yes. i ate a sh!t ton of cheese and also came back about 55 lbs heavier and 80% artery blockage. and yes. i loved every single glutinous minute of it.

these people of wisconsin, boy are they proud of their cheese or what. i mustve stuck out like a sore thumb since everyone kept saying, you dont look from around here, then went on a wikipedia-esque explanation of the queso culture of wisconsin. pertty interesting.

even more interesting (and f*cking exciting) part of it was to actually eat these pasteurized pieces of wonder. especially cheese curds. i mean when you think of curd, curdling, you kinda vision 30 day old milk that has formed into a mold of tofu. yum.

but cheese curds, i have no clue how or why they make em (kinda like spam. what you dont know wont hurt you, but maybe your arteries). when you take a bite, the squeak like a pig. like hysterical. its sounds like you're eating really stale popcorn, but waay better tasting.

ok well thats my story on cheese curds. im done talking about them because (a) i want one now, but forgot to buy some "to go" (b) im on a water only diet for 7 days as i ate about collectively 900,000 calories this weekend (c) im f*cking starving now, and its not lunch time yet (d) oh wait, im only supposed to "eat" water. f*ck me and my life...

ps: i have no idea why i added a travel category. the fact that i have never left the north american continent and my idea of travel far is flying to california is pretty pitiful.