Tuesday, October 6, 2009

dc shoes bobby light fantasy factory "hire me" tee


rob dyrdek's fantasy factory. that is the place where i need to be working. dude, id scrub their toilets and/or scoop [and/or eat] the poop of meaty and beefy just to work there. plus the nice location change of los angeles wouldnt be too shabby.

hello. angela. los angeles. city of angels.
it was meant to be.

O:) <---- angel.

gotta love emoticons

so please please preease. someone get me an application. i'll even give up writing this dang blog if thats what i takes to get a job at the fantasy factory. yes blog. i just threw you under the school cheese bus. im an a-hole. but im also pms-ing. cut me a little itty bitty slack...

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