Wednesday, October 7, 2009

dc shoes beefy & meaty "yahoo" boxing fantasy factory tees


these are the afore-mentioned pooches that i would scoop poop for in order to get employed at rob dyrdek's fantasy factory. beefy and meaty. two of the most adorabe english bulldogs. swear to goodness, bulldogs hands down my favorite pooch. french ones, to be specific.

everytime i walk down the street or take a stroll in central park and encounter a most lovable french bulldog, i get the urge to just doggy-nap one. like straight up grand doggy theft. i just get beside myself, the cuteness of the pooch just consumes me.

i guess thats why they allow yahoos to plead temporary insanity when they "accidently" commit a crime due to a brief spike in their emotions.

thank god. cause ima gonna need to take up that plea one day. because there aint no good enough "oj simpson-esque" defense lawyer dream team out there that'll be able to defend my [usual] luda-ridiculous actions.

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