Thursday, October 1, 2009

axion 9" portable "praise" digital lcd tv


start of football season. portable tvs on the "top picks" list at target. coinkidink? i think not...

doesnt take a [pocket] rocket scientist to figure out the two go hand in hand. church, weddings, baptisms on sundays = no football. sucha tragedy.

this sinner however, hasnt stepped foot in a church in like 13 years. however for those do-gooder football fans who actually go, much props to you man. in addition to your guaranteed [one way] ticket to heaven, you should also get one of these portable tvs as a gift. so while you are busy praisin' the big guy upstairs at church, you can also praise the game of pigskin at the same time.

throw that hail mary!
(see football can be religious...)

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