Thursday, October 1, 2009


ive managed to scrape up enough original [and pretty dang funny i must say] material out of  my puny head and reach 200 posts! congratulations to me, congratulations to me!

actually in hindsight, i think i could be even more hilarious. i know usually im f*cking hysterical and quick witted. but just imagine me w/o the [past] drug use and current [and past] obscene alcohol consumption frying my membrane. id be like eddie murphy f*cking funny.

seriously, "drunk" is tied with "gadgets/gizmos" for 1st place in label tags with 40. apparently this means i drink waaay to much alcohol or i just think of getting drunk waaay too much on a daily [hourly] basis.

so this i pledge to my loyal readers. i will try to abstain from drinking (ok maybe for a week, as a science experiment) and see if the funny factor in my blog increases with sobriety or just fails.

ps: this will be starting manana. i have a date with the tavern tonight. not possible i leave there unscathed. like really. impossible.


  1. 200 wow thats it i thought you would have more since you have so much time at work and nothing else better to do HAHA j/k Congrats sis keep up the hard work bloging lol. hope to see you soon take care =P

  2. thanks bro. the more i blog, the more im bored at work. :D