Wednesday, September 9, 2009

whitney houston i look "fierce" to you

this is further proof on why crack is whack.

dude ms. whitney's comeback is in full effect. lady is lookin hot on the album cover [yes, im sure bit of airbrushing tho, but who cares!]. she looks f.i.e.r.c.e.

album dropped on august 31st. i have no idea how it did on billboard charts, i was too lazy to check. im assuming the sh!t shot up to #1. dont all album debuts from super duper stars hit #1, no matter how sucky it is? i mean if bruce springsteen dropped an album that were all covers of britney spears songs (acoustic) i bet you $17 bucks it'll somehow land #1 on billboard album charts in its debut week. for reals yo...

ps: ms. whitney will be appearing on the oprah winfrey show september 14th. mark your calendars! not only is it ms. o's season premiere, apparently she's said its her best interview ever. apparently ms. whitney spills her guts on like everything, and she's sober!

pps: ms. o has that effect on everyone. i mean when ms. o asks me to jump, i say "how f*cking high and off which mountain?" talk about one of the most influential peeps in the world. i'll do anything ms. o says. other than [the fear of] god, she's the only person who can make me eat poop. for reals yo...

click for more info: whitney houston - i look to you

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