Wednesday, September 30, 2009

pottery barn skull "poison" cocktail collection


speaking of evil holidays. these look pretty wicked (no. im not talking like im from baaas-ton).

such festive barware for the halloween holiday. however, if i were handed a cocktail in one of these guys at a party, i would sorta feel like im being handed something poisonous. the skulls kinda give the drink its "dooming" look.

i guess though, if you want to be a whiskey snot, jack daniels (my drink of choice) to most advanced connoisseurs (took me forever to spell that) is/tastes like f*cking poison.

in college i used to say alcohol is alcohol. as long as the sh!t gets you drunk, who gives a flying f*ck how it tastes. however, the older you get,  the sh!ttier/longer the hangover. the sh!ttier the alcohol, the sh!ttier and longer the hangover.

fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice shame on me.

ive been fooled [waaay] more than twice. so obviously the shame is on me. guess that means i should upgrade to "classier" whiskey?


jack and i are married for life.
to have and to hold. for richer and for poorer. in hangover and health. til death do us part.

...i do

ps: not sure if i used that "fool me once" quote correctly. if i didnt. who gives a sh!t. it sounded cool.

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