Thursday, September 10, 2009

north face metropolis "glow" parka

the summer is dead to me. im embracing the fall weather as well as i can. its like accepting a new step-child or something to that effect. you kinda dont wanna, but you kinda have ta.

so in prepping for the colder weather [ugh], im looking for supplies and ammunition to combat the evil winter's chilly wrath. what better and reliable place, than the north face? bring it on, snow!

i find this parka, which i think would suit me well when [literally] chill-in' in my icebox of an apartment during the dead dog days of winter. aside the fact that my apartment is older than the empire state building, the lack of heat my radiator putts out is pretty pathetic. might as well light a match and huddle above it for some heat, that would probably be warmer.

so at least while chill-in' all by my me, myself and i in my "cozy" apartment, i'll look like a stylish glow worm bundled in this bright @ss parka of goodness.

note: the color selection was purely for the glowworm reference. not particularly the color of choice for me, unless im at the outlet and its the only color left in the clearance rack for 94% off. then i'll consider...

ps: speaking of glow. what ever happened to g.l.o.w. (for you non 80's babies, thats gorgeous ladies of wrestling). what i would give for them to release old episodes on dvd or itunes.

are you listening to me god?

click for more info: north face metrpolis parka

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  1. thanks for the color selection explanation, i've spent minutes debating the color to myself, gold/bronze/tangold?