Tuesday, September 1, 2009

nike air total "sugar daddy" max uptempo

get the f*ck outta dodge. these were my all time favorite nike kicks in high school(beside the air max 95, of course). like holy shiz-nit. nike just re-released these super awesome puppies, and are currently selling at foot locker.

why? why? why? must nike re-release dope kicks during a recession? dont they know poor sneaker whores like me would find any which who what when where what way possible to fund our addiction and pay for these kicks. like i'll risk eviction and not pay rent or better yet, [gasp] stop drinking and frequenting [dive] bars just so i can finally get my hands on these pretties. baah.

ps: there's something about that flourscent lime green on footwear that turns me on. like h.o.t. or as they say south of the border, caliente! maybe this answers why when watching ghostbusters (1 and 2) did i get a bit excited with scenes involving slimer.

yes folks. there is a shortage of hot men in new york. hence, me chasing a 2ft tall glob of goo. maybe with the royalties slimer is reaping from the ghostbuster franchise, he can be my sneaker sugar daddy and buy these for his honey [me].

mrs. slimer. well at least my initials wont change...

click for more info: nike air total max uptempo


  1. those were definitely dope, although I dont remember them in this color combo. I remember the white ones.

  2. dude! i found the white ones, and they're sellin' them on eastbay. sheck it out. just posted about them blanco ones.