Thursday, September 3, 2009

nike air total "ly too hot for the gym teacher" max uptempo white/navy

update on below post and sorta answer to T's comment on the black/lime green uptempos. they [nike] has recently released the original colorway for these smokin dope @ss kicks.

i was so compelled to scribe about this, im actually posting after hours. like im actually not [bored] working @ work. i truly think this is the 1st time i havent been on my company's "clock" when posting on this glorious blog. wow, im a loser. also note time. i should be in bed, sleeping, and looking forward to work. yea. right.

anywho. i forgot to mention on the previous post, another reason i came to love these kicks was cause there was this hot gym teacher in high school who had the black/lime green ones and like that just sealed the deal on judging his hunka hunka hot-ness.

in reality tho, if i see the teacher now, im sure he wasnt so smoking hot (well up to my current [picky] hunky standards). but sh!t, at the age of 16 what the f*ck do i know? i mean at 16 i thought neil patrick harris from "doogie howser m.d." was hot. well now, he's currently batting for the opposite team. i couldnt pick 'em then, and still cant pick 'em now.

i wont elaborate any further on the last part of the previous statement. im not even gonna try to go through and x-splaining my "all-star" quality roster. if you know what i mean...

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