Tuesday, September 1, 2009

nike air griffey max "-ed out my credit card" 1

i have his upper deck 1989 rookie card. i became a switch hitter in junior high school because i wanted to hit lefty like him. i had a poster of him hanging on my freshman/sophomore year dorm rooms. i drafted him for my fantasy baseball team this year.

to say the least. i f*cking love griffey.

to say the least these will be in my possesion in couple hours (in a men's size 6).

to say the least i will get evicted from my apartment next month (see post below).

dude. im so f*cked.

ps: im not a stalker. just a deee-voted fan.

pps: not everyone wants to be like mike. some want to be nifty like griffey.

ppps: wow, i crack myself up.
l.q.t.m. (laughing quietly to myself).

click for more info: nike air griffey max 1

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