Tuesday, September 15, 2009

marc by marc jacobs faux fancy mouse "eek!" ring


i love mice. actually im just a rodent lover. gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, or rats = soo cute. i even have a soft spot in my [ice cold] heart for nyc subway/sewer rats. i mean theyre kinda cuute, especially the big fat ones with their whiskers. so cute and cuddly...

im sure whomever is reading this, thinks im some sick wacko. dude i dont give a f*ck. id take a squeaker anyday over those nasty evil cockaroaches. i hate them more than i hate being sober. i murdered three roaches in my apartment last month. not only did i end their life, i made sure their compadres knew what fate will become of them if anyone else dared to invade my casa. so i left out their dead carcasses for all of them to see for a couple days.


three blind roaches, three blind roaches...

...well you know the end to that story.

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