Thursday, September 17, 2009

m&m my "mugshot" m&ms


this is nuts. i thought the idea of customizing your credit card with your oogly picture was a bit weird. now the brilliant heads at m&m are offering the option of putting images on m&ms. cool, i think?

so these days, instead of making voodoo dolls (and stabbing it with a sharp blunt object) of the people you hate, you can now bite and injest them. hey, my philosophy in life: do what makes you happy.

if putting your [cheating] ex-boyfriend's oogly noggin on 1000 baby blue m&ms and [aggresively] chomping on them one by one is gonna make you feel better, i say do it. not only are you taking out physical aggression, you're satisfying the appetite of depression. screw the bon bons.

ps: a perfect present for your friend who's just getting released from prison after serving 11 days for misdameanor [drunken] peeing on the walls of police precincts would be his mugshot on these candies. that would be pretty f*cking sweet of you.

click for more info: m&m my m&ms

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