Wednesday, September 2, 2009

kate spade genny "i" heart shoe

what more chic of a shoe to describe in a "shoeshell" my [sheer] fondness for footwear. (ps: my lame attempt at scribing a tongue twista)

i know most people have 2 foots and its absolutely not necessary to own as many shoes as there are days in year, or if you're mariah carey and/or imelda marcos [same thing] then its as many shoes as there are seconds in a year.

however, i am not that true of a baller. but dont fret ego. at least i can say based on my calcuations, that with all the shoes i currently own, i dont have to buy another pair until the age of 94. holla.

sh!t at 94, at least i'll be pumpin around with some 5" heels and be the hottest tamale grandmamma mami in the nursing home.

on second thought, thats just asking for a hip replacement surgery...

help! ive fallen and cant get up!

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