Wednesday, September 30, 2009

crate & barrel halloween "surprise" hot cocoa


um since my nose feels like its gonna fall off, thats apparently the sign [freezing] fall is here and [brr-freezing] winter is around the bloody corner. woopty-doo-da.

even better, the holiday i least like is coming up, halloween. like fine, people want to celebrate the holiday that worships the devil. i dont give a sh!t. but people over the age of 12 dressing up like retards and parading the streets/bars is just f*cking stoopid, if you ask this holiday kill joy.

last time i dressed up for halloween, i was a yankee fan. get it? im a mets fan. creative huh? *crickets. crickets*

(as my [loyal subjects] readers scratch their heads)

it obviously wasnt a successful costume as everyone at the bar gave me the WTF? look as i described my guise. i suck at halloween. hence the hate...

halloween has one benefit. candy. bestest excuse to consume sh!t sugar junk food. enter: halloween hot cocoa. it even turns orange when you add water (sorry for those who i spoiled this surprise for). i mean anything form of consumable food that changes color, must not be that good for you (or make you sterile). but hey, pretty dang fun to eat/drink!

ps: this sh!ts kosher. dude. i always look out for the jews...
shana tova!

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