Monday, September 14, 2009

built ny two "40s" bottle tote

at first glance, so thought this was a beer bottle holder. then [scraping the absolute bottom of my brain] i realized thats probably not possible, since who in their right mind would make a holder for just two bottles? unless it can hold two 40's...then now you're talking!

i mean tell you the truth, in between my 1st glance and the epiphany that this was not for beer, i thought: dude this would be tootally awesome for sporting events. im a double fister [pro] when it comes to ordering brewskies, and those new bud/budlight aluminum bottles get real f*cking cold. so what better contraption to (a) transport my beers to and from the beer stand and (b) keep the reserve brewsky cold and out of my hands as i work on the 1st? (total hands free solution: a clip will be needed to dangle the bag from my belt loop).

then the air in my sails gets deflated as i realize (and read on on the item description), this sh!ts for wine-o. booo!

lesson learned:  i suggest you read the full item description, especially when ordering sh!t online. im absolutely guilty in "skimming" thru descriptions. ie (true story):

-i get package
-discover its not what i "ordered"
-i get all hot and pissed off (shocker)
-call up customer service
-rip 'em new a-hole because what they sent me is the "wrong" sh!t
-while on the phone try to prove how im [always] right and read item description
-then i realize, oops...
-my finger gets a slight seizure and "accidently" presses hang up on phone

i never admit to wrong-ness. just blame it on stoopidity.

click for more info: built ny two bottle tote

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