Thursday, September 3, 2009

ben & jerry's hubby hubby "screw prop 8" ice cream

take that prop 8!

in the awesome celebration of vermont becoming the 4th state to give the thumbs up to same sex marriage, the "mayors" of vermont ben and jerry have concoted this tub of goodness called hubby hubby. heehee. i dunno why, but saying hubba hubba just makes me giggle.

i had boycotted benny and jerry for a while after they [erroneously] discontinued my favorite flava, holy canoli. like i literally lost my sh!t. i went and filed a formal protest on, but to no avail. however there is a section on the site that allows you to vote from the grave discontinued flavas. which i have (several times). whatever you can vote as many times as you can for american idol, why not discontinued benny and jerry ice cream??

ps: im not using this historical event in same sex marrage rights history as a platform to express and promote my agenda on re-releasing my beloved holy canoli. my mind tends to sway any which weird ways when the subject of food is involved. its like dangling a block of cheese in front of a mouse.

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