Wednesday, September 9, 2009

apple ipod "re-married" 160gb

as an apple junkie who has broken 2 of my 3 exisitng ipods (not including the iphone as that biotch is in its own separate category) ive been waiting literally a year since my 3rd gen ipod classic sh!t the bed for apple to come out with a new one. oh and nano sh!t and even bigger california king size bed this year. ive been currently limping on a shuffle and the gracious-ness of my iphone to store/listen to music. however 512mb and 8gb respectively is un-holy too small for my enormous library of eclectic music.

alas! the newly updated (and longly awaited) 160 gb ipod classic.

it doesnt look any different from the classic from the generation before, but its bigger capacity and probably has better features (i dunno, was too excited to read the new specs). i mean it's is all i need, i think. they'll probably come out with a newer upgrade next year anyways and i'll be stoopid enough to buy it and chuck this one. (oh yea, btw. i am buying this one tomorrow.)

my philosophy: buying new ipods are like marriages in america. 1st comes love, then comes marriage. then comes something newer/hotter/younger, that probably belongs in a baby carriage. talk about upgrading!

click for more info: apple ipod 160gb

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