Wednesday, September 16, 2009

alexander mcqueen skull knuckle "sandwich" duster whipsnake clutch


and they say diamonds are a girl's best friend. this clutch is like b.f.f. to the fullest. its just is sick. not only will you look "rocker chick" fierce when toting it around town, it doubles as a "hidden" weapon in the event you decide and/or "accidently" end up in a bar brawl.

dude. at least you'll look chic whilst giving some b!tch a enormous beat-down with your multi-purpose [talented] clutch.

yes. i used the word "whilst". ive spent all day dealing with brits that have invaded my office. and unfortunately im starting to sound like these people, using idioms such as cheerio, kind regards, and my favorite: you bloody wanker. hey. at least im branching out and learning a new language.

arse over tit!
(i'll give you guys the pleasure of google-ing the meaning of that...)

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