Thursday, September 10, 2009

686 snaggletooth 2 limited "ahoy!" edition snowboarding jacket

imagine hoppin [hobbling] around the bunny slopes, your 1st time ever snowboarding, that ret@rd of a guy working at rentals gave you a goofy board (when you're actually a regular boarder) and some @sswipe is plowing down at 85mph right at ya with this jacket on.
well at least prior to impact you will get an advanced [pretty cool and colorful] visual on what poor destiny your eyeball will suffer.

ps: if you happen to be conscious after the major smackdown you suffer from the a-wipe, turn around cause that phresh captain "eye patch" pirate look is what you will be rocking for a while. better brush up on your pirate.

ahoy matey! (well thats a good start...)


  1. hope you had a good weekend, just thought of your blog-i picked up a pint of chubby hubby today.

  2. haha. thanks! hope you had a great weekend too.
    chubby hubby is awesome. my pint lasted less than an hour...