Monday, August 3, 2009

wat-aah! "gag" bottled water

i swear. this is real. my old-er sister somehow stumbled across this at some bodega and sent me a picture message over the cell phone on her [eureka] discovery.

just the packaging alone, you'd think it was one of those gag things you get at spencer's gifts. like drinking it would either turn your mouth black or better yet, poison the unknowing twit you were tryin to pull a fast one on.

no but they're totally a legit bottled watering company. they even have an official website. i mean any food product that actually has a www addy [with a colorful/entertaining site to boot], and a "contact us" link with a real corporate address and phone number is enough validation for me to drink/eat it. screw the f.d.a.

ps: ive never had a bout of food poisoning, if that says anything.

pps: watch. just mentioning that point above, that sushi i just ate for lunch is gonna turn on me so fast, i'll have no clue what hit me. have an inklink, me and the toilet bowl will be come fast friends in a minute or so...

[queue: jaws music. dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun...]

click for more info: wat-aah! bottled water

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