Friday, August 7, 2009

passing "wind" time...

i feel real bad for those stoopids that are in summer school now. ive never been/done summer school. (but i guess working on a friday on a beeeautiful day as today is about the equivalent.) i was pretty dang gifted academically in my formative years. needless to say, i've fallen [thrown] off this mensa wagon. hence the keyword: was.

what the hell happened to me?
(as adam sandler would say...) o'doyle rules!

excuse the rambling. im currently at work staring outside my window, looking up at the clear blue sky and thinking that i would eat my right arm, if thats what i took to get my daydreaming @ss to the beach instead. and i'll eat the left arm if that'll get me a pina colada. and i'll eat my left knee if that'll get me one of those lil umbrellas w/my pina nina colada. after all that, im gonna need an extra long straw to drink my drink, unless you wanna pump it in me intravenously...

i'll take the intravenous. at least it'll save me from a brain freeze from sucking the pina too fast.

gimme! (below...)

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