Wednesday, August 12, 2009

nikon "all in" d5000

aside the fact that my debt is as much as it costs to buy the "cheapest" mercedes benz car (we're talkin 2010 models people), im itching to plunk down a serious hunk of dough (only a lil under $1000) to purchase one of these nikon digital slr babies. my sh!tty point and shoot 5 mega pixie canon aint cutting it anymore. like, im a serious artist.

i cant express my "aristry" with such amateur equipment. i mean, come on. van gogh didnt create such faboosh artwork with crayola finger paint. michaelangelo didnt sculpt "the david" with play-doh. so i refuse to take [brilliant] photographs with some fisher price-y camera. ugh. so beneath this art-teest.

btw. much props to my bloggy friend thanassi who inspired me to get off my lazy @ss and start snapping photos again. last time i attempted photography, film cameras were still the fad and digital cameras were the size of big kleenex tissue boxes. yes folks, back in the day when the "rachel" was the haircut and before companies f*cked the world economy. [circa 1999]

well, at least if im gonna re-attempt a hobby, i go all in.

go big and go broke.

click for more info: nikon d5000


  1. dude wats da point of getting a damn camera if u'll never print the darn pics and keep them in ur stoopid files in ur laptop!?

  2. Lol thanks for the shout out! I'm flattered that You think I'm inspiring. Let me know if you're really serious about getting one of these bad boys and I'll help you make a more informed decision. =)

    Kat, I've taken close to 3000 pictures so far with my Nikon DSLR and none of them have been printed. It's the digital age! I've used them for blogging and I've actually sold some already via CD. I will eventually print some when I assemble my portfolio in a coupla months.

  3. awesome T. ive been putting this off for YEARS. i loove taking pics but havent pulled the trigger in getting a digital SLR. i need all the help i can get. and i always need help making any sorta informed decision. :)

    kathy, you still live in 1997. who prints pics and puts in albums anymore? digital age! leave it up to couple technites to tell you that.

  4. t & a, we may be in digital age but the memories of an actual photo is forever, who knows what will happen to your files, virus, crash, etc. =P i like being old school~

    t, can you send me some sites where you sold your pics? i'd like to get into that but i'm not too familiar with it.