Thursday, August 13, 2009

nike men's "ragin" ace t-shirt

now here's a raging lunatic that can give me a run for my pennies in the [lack of] anger management department. the one and only johnny mac-enroe. he was one angry afro'd mofo back in the day when they played tennis with wooden rackets and men wore some tight @ss white shorts. (like, hi. let me lower my sperm count tight). *

put it this way, the guy ended up winning a sh!t ton of grand slams, married/divorced tatum o'neal, then married patty smyth, helped bore 5 kids and has a successful after career as a tennis tv commentator (a good one i must say).

in conclusion. angry people can get/be loved. and reproduction is possible, even after years of supression of the little "guy" in those tighty [whitey] shorts. see there is hope...

just in time for the us open. fault!

*foot [up my @ss] note: i did actual "research" on this blog on wikipedia. so no, i didnt pull this info out of my @ss nor do i memorize/keep tabs on johnny mac's life story.

...even tho i do have an insane knowledge of the most random things. like guinea pigs have an average life span of 4 - 7 years.

gosh dang, ima geeeek.

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