Wednesday, August 26, 2009

margaritaville portable "blessed" tailgate grill

nothing like the upcoming start to the 2009 football season than the sweet smells and [drunken] sounds of tailgating. let go big blue! (thats the ny giants for you non-football fans. losers.) well also the fact my mets suck big fat @ss this season, baseball is dead to me. bring on the football!

gotta tell ya, after baseball, tailgating should be america's 2nd past time, cause we're so dang good at it! listen, we're dang good at eating [high obesity rate] and drinking [we invented beer pong, nuff said], two essential skills in being an expert tailgater. i mean just look at this nifty invention, a grill attached to the @ss of your car? how f*cking cool! only in america.

so now [light bulb] aside from tailgating at sporting events, you can now tailgate before the life's "other" occasions such as weddings, bar mitzvahs and/or baptisms. as long as the venue [synagogue/church] has a parking lot, you're good.

bright side: you'll be doing the host of these events a favor by feeding yourself, thus saving them money feeding your @ss (+1 if you decide to bring someone who's actually willing to go as your date).

brigher side: as a result of the "pre-bar-ing" that ensues during tailgating, you'll be hammered before these events. thus, which, im sure will make sitting through any one of these blessed events even more entertaining than they usually are. capeesh?

ps: the fact that there is a site that sells sh!t soley for tailgating, seriously makes me proud to be an american. check it:

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