Thursday, August 6, 2009

marc jacobs lola eau de "would you like to try?" parfum

i got ambushed by one of those aggresive perfume chicks at bloomingdales yesterday. she wouldnt leave me alone about trying this new perfume by mj. granted i love mj more than my entire wardrobe [this includes shoes, sneakers and under garments], but it was additional 50% off the sale price on sh!t, i was in a focused shopping zone and could not/must not be bothered*.

*you, the public are now fore-warned. seriously. dont mess with me when i get like that because i'll cut a b!tch.

so you're wondering if i spared the life of the perfume chick huh?

put it this way. i left bloomingdales empty handed and smelling like lola. the b!tch lived.

think im starting to lose my touch. in shopping and doling out beat downs...

click for more info: marc jacobs lola eau de parfum


  1. starting 2 b all talk n no action! sigh alcohol dulling ur "beat down" nerves!

    wats next u gonna b whistling while u work?

    hi ho! hi ho hi ho, its off to work we go..lalalala

  2. dude. did you write this after sniffing paint thinner?