Wednesday, August 19, 2009

kegworks floating pool beer "aqua" pong table

so this past weekend, i got my @ss kicked by a 6 year old in aqua beer pong on this brilliant invention that allows you to play america's "sport" in a pool. ok, fine i let the poor kid win. in addition to me teaching this kid the early [bad] habits of college students and setting him up for a life of [bad] beer boozing, the least i could do was boost his ego and have him claim victory against a washed up almost 30 year ole adult.

*disclaimer: we played with water. im not that big of a scum bag where im feeding a 6 year old beers. after puberty, then come see me. i'll give you a sip of o'douls...

oh, on a totally unrelated note: my co-worker who sits next to me asked for some suggestions for games to play during her grandmother's 100th birthday (mind you theyre all church going geriatrics). of course i suggest, "um hello? beer pong?" can you imagine, 90 year olds in walkers arguing over no blow outs, re-racking or watching that elbow? f*cking hysterical. and of course my co-worker looked at me like i had a pound of snot dripping down my nose.


  1. yo thats so cool if i drank i would buy that right away want me to get you one haha

  2. haha, dude you will have to buy me a pool too.

    just get me one of those blow up pools for my blow up pong table, and i'll be soo happy. oh! and i can use the beer pong set you gave memfor me birthday. :D

  3. HAHA nice you got a deal but will it all fit in your place lol.