Friday, August 7, 2009

juicy couture fortune necklace "in bed"

adding "in bed" after a fortune cookie just brings me giggles. i know, soooo elememtary school humor.

at least something from a chinese food place brings you joy after injesting it. cause after wolfing down a #10 beef & broccoli dinner special with egg roll, pork fried rice, wonton soup, you wont be able to giggle let alone breathe w/o popping your belt or wanting to upchuck all your in-erds.

no giggles about that...

oh, yea. literally was about to hit "publish post" and realized i hadnt said a word about the product. woopsey daisy, got too caught up on bodily functions.

pretty necklace huh? im all about the packaging. yes, and im one of those shallow b!tches that judges a book by its cover. if the book doesnt have a pic of garfield or hot fabio lookin dude on the cover, i aint gonna read it.

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1 comment:

  1. nice necklace. will it make me hungry a half hour after buying it?