Thursday, August 27, 2009

i babble dribble...

ive noticed that recently its taken me longer to poop out my thoughts. i mean sh!t, some of these posts go on for like 4 - 10 paragraphs.

i actually go back an read my itty bitty masterpieces and make subtle corrections to my ret@rded grammar/spelling errors. however, today my a.d.d. @ss has a hard time reading some of these epic blog entries. especially the long ones. my brain goes off into some tangent (like the membrane its already parked on a barstool w/a cold brewsky in its "hand" @ the bar i will be at in 2 hours). like i cannot focus.

in conclusion. i babble a lot. so this is my apology to my loyal readers who have to endure my mindless dribble when diligently scoping out my blog [everyday]. i swear, my whole intention when i begin to write each blog entry is to make sense. but lately (blame it on old-er age) its gotten harder. its like my brain is constipated.

ps: i had no idea what to label this blog. my sole purpose in torturing you poor people with these words of stoopid is so i can kill time before i hit up the bar. hence, with the mention of bar, we must label...

(see below)

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