Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ben applebaum the book of beer "hulk" pong

beer pong is not a fad - its a true sport of champions. amen!

i am more passionate about playing [and winning. like trashing my opponent] in beer pong than anything else in this entire universe. like the incredible hulk in me comes out when im in that "pong zone". i get super duper violent when i lose or go absolute ape sh!t on my opponent when he/she spits some smack to me. like i will injure you mo-fo. grrrr!

so since theyre like a bizillion beer pong rules, like depending on what region of the united states you went to college or if your school was state or private or if your mascot was a reptile, mammal or indian tribe, rules are all different. leave it up to this guy to write a book chronicle-ing the rules, techniques and even smack talk suggestions of this blessed sport. dude, how gnarly? (excuse the college level lingo. any mention of beer pong or bruce springsteen/guns 'n' roses rock songs remind me of those glory days.)

now if only we can get espn to televise beer pong tournaments at local bars, then turn beer pong into a multi-bizillion dollar lucrative sport, then turn pro so i can make an [honest] living playing [and winning] this blessed sport i love.

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