Thursday, August 27, 2009

beatles stereo "variety pack" box set

gotta tell ya, i havent bought a cd in years. im one of those @ssholes that pirates music off the internet. but ive been downloading pirated music even before napster was even borned, so i automatically should get government exemption/pardon from being prosecuted for crimes pertaining to illegal music download.

anywho, if you're one of those losers who still uses and/or owns a cd player, they apparently still manufacture those shiny flying saucer thingies they call compact discs. so if there werent enough beatles compliation sets out there, on sept 9th, there will be yet another addition to this familia.

truth. im not a huge beatles fan at all [gasp]. but im a sucker for cool boxed sets of sh!t. it reminds me of those gigantic boxes of crayola crayons where you'd get every single color of the rainbow + the metallic and flourescent ones (dont forget the sharpener tooo). i know. random allergy analogy.

forgive me. im a variety pack kinda gal. like for example i go ape sh!t for utz party mix.

ok, i know. my weirdness factor just jumped up like 20 notches.

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