Friday, August 21, 2009

art in the age "non-non alcoholic" root

the reason this guy comes with a pamphlet is because there's this whole history smorgasbord behind the reason why they [brilliantly] decided to make alcoholic root beer. pertty interesting story actually, tho gotta say i honestly could care less, all i wanna do is drink the sh!t.

1st thing i would make when i get my hands on this alcoholic bottle of glee is a non-virgin root beer float. can you imagine getting wastado [wasted] off ice cream and "root beer"? phenomenal.

as you can tell most of my posts this week are alcohol related. this is not a coincidence. ive had a sh!tty week. and im dealing with it (evidenced by my slight hangover today)...

click for more info: art in the age root


  1. Yeah Philly! this stuff is getting popular here. Is it available in NYC?


  2. for real? ive never heard of it!

    its available in the state of NY, so im assuming NYC applies. i sent them an email to confirm the nearest root retailer so i can buy myself a bottle. :D